Taking Back the Garden: Meeting Deceit with Love

Loving oneself leads to awakening. Awakening leads to a desire to be more authentic. Being more authentic means telling the truth. And telling the truth means disappointing people. Period. And disappointing people may be the thing that women are most afraid of. This is what has been conditioned into us for thousands of years – […]

Sick of it all

There is an absolute rage bottled up inside me, and it’s slowly becoming conscious.  It’s juicy.  You’ll want to follow along. This rage is about feminine disempowerment. I’m sick of feeling that my natural feminine body type/shape needs to be controlled, dieted, toned, hardened, and injected to be beautiful. I’m sick of cheapened, pornographic images […]

Ask Clarence: Advice for Job Seekers

What are the big things going on in your life?  What do you pray for help with? Career decisions?  Relationship or parenting advice?  Healing or health related issues? I have been job searching, and I’ve been feeling the need for guidance around every turn.  I’ve been anxious, overthinking.  Wanting specifics: Would I be happy in […]