Trigger Work 101

Heal egoic patterns and shift real life situations & relationships, starting with what’s bugging you the most.

I was grocery shopping at the neighborhood co-op, minding my business, rounding the corner from the deli section to the produce. All of a sudden I was face to face with a handsome stranger – long hair, flip flops. Big smile aiming at me. (Did I mention it’s the natural foods store and he’s buying healthy food?) SO. CUTE.

Did I smile back? Make witty conversation? Oh no. I went deer in the headlights, and scooted away awkwardly.

Even though I was too scared to start a conversation, I secretly wanted him to strike one up with me. So I dawdled getting my groceries hoping that we would meet up at the check out counter. This is embarrassing – I even made a SECOND purchase to give him more time to get done with his shopping!!

Even after all of this – two smiles exchanged in the store, two purchases made by me – I finally had to leave without exchanging any actual words with him. No words, no digits exchanged. I left the store feeling completely devastated!

Why did a handsome stranger smiling at me end up making me feel depressed? This, my friends, is called a trigger moment. Him smiling at me, an inherently innocent and beautiful action, pushed on my limiting beliefs about love, romance, and neediness. This moment pointed out my biggest limiting pattern: The one that says “I need someone to like me, in order for me to be ok.”

Every relationship I’ve ever been in has started in this way – someone comes along who will love me, and I agree to it because rather than me actually loving the person – I just want them to want me. By paying attention to what triggers me, I’ve been able to identify my pattern and to heal this little one who believes she’s not ok unless a man loves her.

I used to feel so ashamed of this tendency. Now I’m to the point where I can laugh about it! I am choosing (and NOT choosing!) relationships consciously, rather than my pattern choosing them for me. Best of all – it’s shown me the greatest lesson – that I am already loved and while external connection and affection is nice; the fulfillment I was seeking all along already lived inside me, in my connection to the divine. Ah, Universe. You’re so elegant the way you teach me things.

If you are interested in learning the tools for your own self-healing, join me for Trigger Work 101.

This course will meet over 12 weeks. The lessons include:

  1. The Energetic Body and the Enlightenment Process
  2. Egoic patterns – what are they and why do they form?
  3. Learning lessons in each chakra – why our patterns form where they do
  4. Relationship cords and parent/child patterns
  5. The Wrongdoer-type patterns: Perfectionism, People Pleasing, and Self Criticism
  6. Patterns in love relationships
  7. Patterns in career and finance
  8. Healing formula Step 1 and Step 2: The Trigger, and The Protector/Seeker
  9. Healing formula Step 3 and Step 4: Gratitude and Inner Child Healing
  10. Additional tools: Anchoring, Gentleness, Integration, Mind training.
  11. Why it works this way – learning we are Love, through human trials; and then helping the other humans!
  12. Recap and closing.

These topics integrate concepts with energetic practices. I really want to bring you into your body and into your emotional and feeling world as much as possible. This is where the work is done, not in the mind.

Course includes:

One video lesson per week, plus self-guided exercises. Released Fridays and sent to your inbox. Watch as many times as you want during the week. Journaling prompts, reflective questions, and energetic practices to help you integrate the lesson.

One-on-one session #1 – 60 minutes. Focus your healing efforts, scheduled near the beginning of the course. What area of life is ‘not working’ right now? Get help with clarifying the pattern you are going to work on during the 3 months, and identifying the egoic belief(s) underneath.

One-on-one session #2 – 60 minutes. You’ve done a lot of healing work by this point. It can be helpful to have an outside perspective to help shift the more stubborn aspects of the pattern or belief. With one on one time, and a little energy work, laughter, and love, we will shift this pattern for good!

Begins Friday, May 3rd, with the New Moon!!!

$100/month for 3 months

Register here

And finally – some trigger memes. Because we need humor in this type of work!! XO