MANIPURA is the sanskrit name of our third chakra.  It is the “lustrous gem” which helps us greatly in achievement, action, and performance.  But most of us are overactive here in the third chakra, because we believe that we are not enough and so we try to over perform, constantly on a hamster wheel of productivity and self-improvement.

How would it feel to take on projects from a place of excitement, desire, and creativity rather than a forcing or striving to improve yourself?

What if you could operate from the blissful knowing that you are ALREADY LOVED, with everything that you’ve achieved (and not achieved) to date?

I have noticed that this is a cultural wound.  Chances are if you are living in modern society, you have noticed this feeling in yourself and others around you.  We push for performance and we try to prove ourselves.  At work we are fearful of making a mistake or getting called out by a client or a boss.  We don’t want to lose productivity…but deep down we know there is another way of being.  A way of being that is easier and more joyful; and maybe even where our productivity could be maximized because we are working in alignment with our true nature.

I have felt this wound so strongly in myself and others that I know there is a need for healing in this area.  To that end, I have begun creating a course around helping us feel LOVED and RELAXED even at work.  This course is called MANIPURA and I am deeply excited to share it with you.  The course is in development now and will be released in Spring 2019.

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I am so excited to be sharing this work.  I can’t wait to see the quiet strength that we move forward with, when our third chakra is in alignment with our authentic knowing of enough-ness.  Stay tuned for more details!

Past workshops:

Scorpio Season Trigger Workshop

In this workshop we will be going over a technique for viewing emotional triggers as messengers trying to show us an outdated pattern that is subconsciously directing our actions.  We will go over the “magic ingredient” for releasing our annoying patterns – gratitude.  The pattern helped us at one point, and needs acknowledgement and gentleness in order to be released and transformed.

We will share a basic formula which can be applied to many of our common triggers and patterns, so that you can take this technique home and use it going forward in your self healing practice.  We will also encourage participants to bring an idea of a pattern that is showing up currently in life, and we will walk through real-life examples from the group so that you can leave with an actual shift in something that has felt stuck for a long time!!  We are so excited about the transformative power of this work and can’t wait to share it!

I (Katy) will be co-hosting this event with my good friend and Magdalen University classmate, Szilvia Frazier.  We will be meeting at YoYoYogi, in the loft studio upstairs.  We recommend bringing a journal to take notes, and some ideas of what is bugging you in your life right now!  What pattern do you see yourself repeating that you would like to stop?

Please register using the form below.  Thank you so much for your interest, and we look forward to seeing you there!

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