Let’s talk Love and Money!

Is it more important to have passion for what we do, how we spend our time, how we serve the world?  Or is it more important to focus on how we can make the most money, even if it’s soul sucking?  Is it possible to have passion AND money?  Is it realistic to expect that??  […]

Anxiety Healing Course is Open!

My inaugural online course is now open for registration!  “Relax, You are Loved: A Spiritual Approach to Healing Anxiety” will be a 3 part mini course, beginning July 27.  I am so excited to share the lessons and tools that have been helping me in my own healing. My intention with this course is to […]

Ugly, Scary Teachers

I want to talk about some ugly things today.  Self doubt, anxiety, and addiction. Ugly and scary things that I want to run from, avoid, and resist.  However, these terrible monsters can be my greatest teachers, if I let them in.  If I take Rumi’s advice and greet them at the door, laughing. The trigger […]

Calling BS on “I’m not good enough”

I know the pain of ‘I’m not good enough’.  It is crippling, truly.  ‘I’m not good enough’ holds us back from expressing ourselves authentically in the world. ‘I’m not good enough’ keeps the beauty of the dancer, artist, or musician locked up forever where none of us get to experience their tear-jerkingly beautiful performance. ‘I’m […]

Humble acceptance of who I am

Short video on my recent experiences with letting go of others’ opinions.  After doing this I have experienced increased energy like never before, showing me how much of my energy was going towards this control strategy of managing other people’s perceptions.  Now I’m feeling like I am being called to direct this energy out into […]

Grace in the Darkness

First, panic cuts at me.  Did I really do that?? Then, jagged pain. How could I have done that?! I fall into this familiar pit of self admonishment. It’s hell, but for a long time, it was my home.  I know every corner intimately. I crumple. My heart caves in, as I put up the […]

Comparison is missing the point

I learned a really important lesson in yoga today. The woman next to me in class had a really beautiful and strong yoga practice.  I found myself comparing my practice against hers and I was feeling really wobbly, uncoordinated, and distracted.  This goes back to a long standing habit of mine, of comparing myself to […]